Monday, 20 January 2014

1st Ever Post

Hi There!
Life can be pretty tough for teenagers, can't it? And it's not just us feeling sorry for ourselves.
We have so much to deal with! 
So, I am starting this blog in a sort of big-sister kind of role to my (potential) readers.
There are so many things happening in my life at the moment which I have no clue how to deal with, and I only tend to understand after they've happened - e.g. learning from my mistakes and all.
This leaves me at a big disadvantage, because once these occurrences have taken place, and I have learnt the better of them, I feel like I need to share them with people, and let them know how to deal with it in their lives.
So, as a teenage girl to other teens, I'd like to say that I am here with some advice and hopefully some good posts to help you out if you are ever in similar situations to me.
Just the day to day things which tend to make our adolescent lives all that more annoying, like pressure from school, relationship problems (ugh), and friendship issues, not to mention social networking and the media.

I have taken the inspiration of my blog title from Ben Howard's song 'Keep Your Head Up', it's not even my favourite song, just the lyrics are so easy to relate to and feel-good, I can't help but love it. I suggest you listen to it if you're ever in a bad place and feeling down, it's such an amazing pick me up! It's everything I hope my blog can be to you!

If there is anything you would like advice on, or a blog post on, I would be more than happy to take some ideas and put them into words for you!

Lots of love

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